P.1 Organizational Description: What are the key organizational characteristics of your company? Describe your organization’s operational environments, as well as your key relationships with residents, stakeholders, suppliers, and partners.

Include answers to the following questions in your response:


1. What is the organization’s setting: urban, suburban, rural, and so on?

2. What are the primary HEALTH CARE SERVICE offerings of your organization? What is the relative importance of each to the success of your organization (e.g., skilled nursing, subacute care, assisted living, etc.)?

3. What is the organization’s MISSION/VISION statement (verbatim) and how is it communicated throughout the organization? What are your organization’s CORE COMPETENCIES and how do they relate to its MISSION?

4. What is the WORKFORCE profile of the organization? Identify your KEY WORKFORCE groups by department (e.g., nursing, dietary, housekeeping, administration), the desired number of people in each department, and a general description of the education level and/or professional requirements for each department. To provide your response, create a table.

5. What are the major equipment and technologies used by the organization (for example, computers, transfer equipment, alarm devices, Wii systems, WiFi, and so on)?

6. How is the regulatory environment in which the organization operates described? What are the KEY regulatory bodies in the areas of health care delivery, occupational health and safety, physical plant, and payment and reimbursement?

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