A critical component of understanding the RN Scope of Practice is understanding delegation, which is critical given the nursing workforce shortage and the continued cost inflation in the health care industry. Understanding delegation is critical because it allows us to fulfill the accountability requirements outlined in the Nursing Scope of Practice. An RN’s work environment changes throughout a busy shift, and each situation necessitates a different approach to evaluating the situation. Keeping this in mind, delegation is difficult and frequently misunderstood, resulting in it not being used as effectively as it could be. What are the most important factors to consider when delegating? Give an example of a time when you delegated a task and everything went according to plan, or when everything did not go according to plan. Did you make use of any of your leadership abilities? When delegating, please describe your experience and explain why it was a success. If it did not go as planned, please explain why it did not go as planned. Whether or not your delegation experience went exactly as planned, what did you take away from it and how can you improve your delegation skills? At least one example from your readings should be included, and it should be supported by at least one nursing research (peer reviewed) article. You should write a response that is 1-2 pages long, in APA format (no abstracts please), with a title page and a reference page attached. (You are free to use any and all of the previously assigned materials for additional scholarly references.) The entire article or articles that have been referenced must be attached. Providing a link that is active or attached with the ability to be opened is required.

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