1. Who are the primary STAKEHOLDER groups in the organization? Include CUSTOMERS as well as other groups who are most impacted by the organization’s services, actions, and success. What are the differences in the requirements and expectations of the various STAKEHOLDER groups? In the first column of the table below, identify up to three other major STAKEHOLDERS in addition to RESIDENTS. Identify the key requirements that each of these key STAKEHOLDER groups has of the organization in the second column. Identify the PROCESSES that your organization uses to learn about these important STAKEHOLDER requirements in the third column. Your responses should be thorough and concise.

2. Who are the PRIMARY types of suppliers of goods and services, including other health care providers? What are your PRIMARY communication channels with suppliers?

3. Based on the information presented above, what are the most important types of suppliers of goods and services?

4. What are the constraints, special business relationships, or special requirements that some or all suppliers and partners may have?

5. If the applicant organization is owned by a parent company, what are the organizational structures and KEY management links to the parent company? If the applicant is not owned by a parent organization, enter “NA.”

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