Clinical Pharmacology500 words Three evidenced -based resources within the last 5 years. (Answer should be very specifics like examples below )Alcohol, caffeine, smoking and specific foods should be discussed. A specific drug and dose and duration should be recommended. Counseling regarding drug side effects and appropriate administration must also be included. A What are the common pathogens for acute sinusitis? List the top three antimicrobials indicated in the literature or in guidelines for non-allergic (bacterial) sinusitis. Discuss the pharmacokinetics/dynamics, side effects, and contraindications of each. What are the costs of each of these three antimicrobials? B What is the most common organism for pharyngitis? How is it diagnosed? Locate the most up-to-date clinical practice guideline for management of pharyngitis and discuss its recommendations. Provide a link to the reference and use APA format to site the source. What are the treatment choices for someone with an allergy to PCN? Purchase this Tutorial.