Please respond to the following questions: Should preventive health care services be funded at the same level as illness-related health-care services? Please provide evidence to support your answers.
Explain the dangers that nurses face when they take on the role of an advocate. What are the advantages of working as a patient advocate for your organization?
The title of your essay should be:
It should be at least 200 words in length.
Plagiarism will be checked to ensure that the work is original.
Cite your sources by entering references in the appropriate format according to the APA Style Guide.
In APA Style, some examples of references are provided.
This handout contains examples of how to properly cite the most common types of sources in a research paper. If you require additional examples, please consult the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual, which is available at the Medical Center Campus Library. Periodicals: Author, A. A., Author, B. B., and Author, C. C. are examples of standard format (year). The title of the article. Periodical title, volume number (issue number), and page numbers are provided. doi:xx.xxxxxxxxxx L. F. Wiley and L. O. Gostin published a journal article with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI): Wiley, L. F., and Gostin, L. O. (2009). Global health priorities in the context of the international response to climate change American Medical Association Journal, 302(11), 1218-1220. The Journal of the American Medical Association. doi:10.1001/jama.2009.1381 Scala, R., and Naldi, M., eds., Journal article without a DOI: Scala, R., and Naldi, M. (2008, August). The use of noninvasive ventilation in the treatment of acute respiratory failure is becoming more common. Respiratory Care, vol. 53, no. 8, pp. 1054-1080. The information was obtained from An article in a journal with more than seven authors: A review of the literature by P S Chan and colleagues: Nichol, G., Krumholz, H. M.; Spertus J. A.; Jones P G; Peterson, E. D.; et al. B. K. Nallamothu, B. K. Nallamothu, B. K. (2009). There are racial differences in survival after cardiac arrest in the hospital. The Journal of the American Medical Association, volume 302, number 11, pages 1195-1201. 2009.1340 Article published in a magazine: Yapko, M., and Marano, H. E. (2009, September). Secondhand blues is a type of blues that is acquired secondhand. Psychology Today is a publication dedicated to the study of psychology. The information was obtained from M. Frellick was quoted in a newspaper article (2009, November 2). The basics of gestational diabetes in a glance. The Sun Sentinel is a newspaper published in Florida. The information was obtained from Books: The following is the general format: Author, A. A., and Author, B. B. (year). The title of the piece. Publisher is the location.
Simmers, L., Simmers-Nartker, K., & Simmers-Kobelak, S. (eds.) Print book with editions: Simmers, L., Simmers-Nartker, K., & Simmers-Kobelak, S. (2009). Occupational diversification in the health care field (7th ed.). Delmar Cengage Learning, based in Clifton Park, New York. The following is a print book without an author or editor:
Considering a career in the health-care industry (2006). Ferguson Publishing Company, New York, New York.
Likoff, L. (Ed.) and colleagues edited a print book (2008). A dictionary of careers and guidance in one’s professional life (14th ed.). Ferguson Publishing Company, New York, New York. The Hospice and Palliative Nurses’ Association is the group’s author. (2007). The scope and standards of practice for hospice and palliative nursing are defined in this document (4th ed.). The American Nurses Association is based in Silver Spring, Maryland. Author’s book chapter or entry in a reference book: Singer, P. (author’s name) (2004). Animal experimentation. (2002), Encyclopedia of bioethics, S. G. Post (ed.), Encyclopedia of bioethics (pp. 48-53). Macmillan Reference USA is based in New York, New York. The following is an entry in a reference work that has no author and no date: Bronchitis is a respiratory illness (n.d.). According to the Merriam-Webster medical dictionary. Obtainable at G. O. Garner’s electronic book: Garner, G. O. (2008). Occupational opportunities in the social and rehabilitation services sector (3rd ed.). McGraw-Hill Education, New York, NY. The information was obtained from Broadcasting, broadcasting, and broadcasting media are all examples of audiovisual media in general format (Director). (Year). [Description of the format of the work] Title of the work The information was obtained from http://www.xxxxxx N. Cassavetes’s video Cassavetes, N. (Director). (2002). [Motion picture] John Q [Motion picture]. New Line Cinema Corporation is based in the United States of America. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) video on the internet (Producer). (May 2nd, 2009) – Keeping your hands clean can help you avoid getting the flu. [Audio-visual file]. It was retrieved from YouTube at National Public Radio (NPR) podcast. (Producer). (On the 14th of September, 2009). The emotional toll of skin disorders [podcast audio version]. It can be found online at Web-based resources: The general format is as follows: Author (year). The title of the web page. The information was obtained from http://www.xxxxxx Individual author, no date: McKay, D. R. Individual author, no date: (n.d.). Dental hygienists: information on their profession. taken from http://careerplanning.about… : Occupational Descriptions (P) (Distribution) : Miami Dade College was the group’s author (2009). Certification as a pharmacy technician is available. This document was retrieved from…

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