Acme General is currently led by Bobby Langdon, who serves as its president. In a community of 70,000 people, it is a 300-bed hospital that serves them. Just now, he came to the end of a meeting with Susy Miller, the hospital’s administrator. It was decided to call the meeting in order to try to find a mutually acceptable solution to an alleged conflict between Ms. Miller and the director of the Bariatric Program, Dr. Kincaid. As a result of the scheduling decisions made by the Bariatic Program manager, the providers do not believe they will be able to perform these complicated procedures satisfactorily. They also believe that there isn’t enough time between procedures to properly set up the surgical suite for the next case to be performed. They believe that the inability to schedule appointments is resulting in poor patient outcomes. It has also been brought to the attention of the program manager that some of the providers are given preferential treatment and are given more time in the operating room and between cases. After receiving numerous complaints from providers, staff, and patients, Dr. Kincaid decided to fire the program manager, which exacerbated the situation. The manager discussed the situation with Ms. Miller, who overruled the doctor. She argued that non-clinical staff could not be fired by the program director because they did not perform clinical duties. Answer the following questions based on the information you have gathered through your research and the required readings after you have finished reading this scenario.

Distinguish and discuss at least three different types of conflict that can occur in a healthcare setting.
Is there a specific type of conflict portrayed in this scenario? (Please provide justification for your response.)
In what ways could the Bariatric Program and the organization be harmed by this decision? (Discuss at least three possible solutions.) What are some possible solutions? Which of the following is the most appropriate in light of all of the information presented?
The reaction of Ms. Miller, Dr. Kincaid, and the program manager when a resolution is reached will most likely be as follows: