Competency Analyze  how human resource standards and practices within the healthcare field  support organizational mission, visions, and values. Scenario Wynn  Regional Medical Center (WRMC) is the premier hospital in your area.  The hospital has been in your city for over 100 years. Over the past  decade, the hospital has been losing money for various reasons, though  primarily due to uncompensated care. You were recently hired as the Vice  President for Human Resources at WRMC, and part of your  responsibilities include presenting historical information to  participants of the new employee orientation. Instructions Create  a PowerPoint presentation detailing the changing nature of the  healthcare workforce. The presentation should contain speaker notes for  each slide or voiceover narration. The presentation should address the  following topics and questions: Historical information on the changing healthcare workforce. How have legislation and policies changed in the past decade? How have patient demographics changed in the past decade (baby boomers, generation X, millennials, ethnicities)?How  have patient centric approaches changed in the past decade (use of the  Internet and social media to gather health information)?Challenges associated with the changing healthcare workforce. What are some of the challenges associated with the policy and legislative changes? What are some challenges associated with demographic changes? What are some of the challenges associated with patients “researching” their own health instead of going to the doctor? Current state of healthcare What have been some of the improvements to the healthcare system over the last decade? This link has information for creating a PowerPoint presentation. Here is a link to information about adding speaker notes. Purchase this Tutorial.