Please write an elevator speech for me, as I am pursuing a paralegal degree in college. An elevator speech, also known as an elevator pitch, is a succinct but impactful summary that describes a person’s professional background, business, or product in a few sentences. In many ways, the pitch is similar to a 30-second commercial, which is used to capture the listener’s attention and leave them wanting to hear more.

Make an assessment of the elevator speech provided below and consider the following points as you do so:

Since I am a student of medical administration, my knowledge of directing, supervising, and evaluating the work activities of nursing staff as well as other medical personnel is being developed and furthered by my coursework and other learning experiences. I am currently pursuing my Associates degree at Rasmussen while also completing on-the-job training at Thedacare. I am a very detail-oriented individual who communicates effectively. I hope that after I graduate, you will consider me a valuable asset to your team and hire me on as a full-time employee.

What is the difference between networking in person and networking through social media?
What are some examples of how you could use an elevator speech in social media?
What are the benefits of effective communication?
What is the significance of proper etiquette, both in person and online?
Please make certain that you answer all of the questions in your critique.