This campus has a large number of Muslims (both native and foreign born). They can be found in a variety of locations, including those near Jack Brown Hall (studying business/computer science), the College of Education (obtaining an M.A. in a subfield of education), the College of Natural Science (studying Public Health/Nursing), and the Yasuda Center Building (this last group is usually made up of foreign students who attend our campus to learn English before they get admitted to pursue a degree). Another option is to meet Muslims in the Inland Empire who live off campus.

(Attention: If you are a Muslim student in this class, complete the same assignment but interview someone from another faith tradition or someone who is not affiliated with any faith.)

Answer the following questions as you meet the person you are interviewing:

1-Can you tell me about his/her background (name, age, profession, origins)? Is he/she a recent immigrant, the son/daughter of an immigrant, a native of the United States, or a convert to Islam? (3 points for 200 words)

2-How does he/she practice his/her religion in the United States? Is it simple? challenging? Is there anything that makes you stand out? (3 points for 200 words)

3-What are his or her goals? Are they, in your opinion, any different from other Americans of different faiths or those who do not identify with any particular faith? (3 points for 200 words)

4-What are his or her biggest fears? Is he/she concerned about the political climate in the United States? (3 points for 200 words)

5-Has that person been subjected to religious or ethnic discrimination or bullying? If so, how did he/she handle them? (3 points for 200 words)