BSN Interview Procedures


Make contact with a BSN nurse who is currently practicing, who became an RN through an Associate Degree or diploma program and then went on to earn a BSN.

Inquire with the nurse if he or she would agree to a 20-30 minute interview with you.

Assure the RN that his/her name or agency will not be used in any written or oral report.

It is not necessary to provide him/her with a list of questions prior to the interview.

Meet with the person in person. You may not conduct this interview via email or phone.

Allow enough uninterrupted time for the nurse to provide thoughtful responses.

Initiate a conversation with the nurse and ask the nine questions listed below. Include one of your own professional questions.

Include the interview questions as well as the interviewee’s responses below the questions.

Completely answer questions in paragraph form.

*Write a reflective summary of the interview questions that addresses the following points:

What emotions did you have during the interview?

What personal values did this interview call into question?

Were the RN’s responses expected, or did they surprise you?

How helpful was any advice you received from the RN? If so, why or why not?

How will this interview affect your professional objectives?




What kind(s) of nursing education program(s) did you complete? Include the program and the date.

What is your personal nursing philosophy?

What factors influenced your decision to pursue a BSN?

What were the most important topics you learned in your BSN program that you used in your nursing practice?

Give examples of how you’ve used key elements of your BSN program in your daily practice.

Describe the career opportunities that can be obtained after completing a BSN program.

Share your future plans for furthering your career and advancing nursing as a profession.

How do you see the role of the BSN nurse influencing healthcare delivery?

What advice can you give me to help me advance professionally?

one more question

*At the end, include your thoughtful reflection.