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Study of a Case
Ann’s husband, Ben, sat with the hospice nurse. Ann was sleeping peacefully as the IV pain medication dosage was increased.

It gradually progressed to a therapeutic level. Ben slowly turned his head, looking out the room’s only window. A small flicker of light caught his attention as he looked up. It looked like a shooting star. He turned to Ann, a tear falling from the corner of his eye. The nurse had a feeling that something important to Ann and Ben was about to happen. He shuffled over to Ann’s bedside and took her small, frail hand in his. These hands had rocked cradles, burped babies, and groomed her favorite horses. He turned to face the nurse, holding her hand gently. “She’d ride as if the wind was chasing her.” Looking back at Ann, his voice broke and he choked back tears, “Ann, Ann, I saw Jessieâ€Jessie is calling.” Ben changed his mind. “Jessie was our child. She died as a result of having a too-large baby. It was a pitch-black night when she died. It was so cold that the baby died, a little boy named Abe, Jr. after Jessie’s husband. I took Ann outside to pray to God, and there in the dark sky, we saw two falling stars—together, just falling. We knew it had to be Jessie and Abeâ€two angels to illuminate the night.” Ann let out a deep sigh, and Ben turned back. As she joined Jessie and Abe, she kept a soft smile on her face.

Based on this case study, how would the nurse put Parse’s theory of Human Becoming into practice?
What are some of the characteristics of a

A human becoming a nurse? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

to this nursing theory?
What obstacles do healthcare institutions face in adopting this nursing approach?
As Ann’s death became a reality for Ben, how might Parse’s understanding of transcendence guide the nurse?
What additional nursing theory would you apply to this case study based on the nursing theories we’ve discussed? Create a care plan that incorporates both nursing theories (be specific and provide reasons)