NU605 Concepts in Nursing Leadership Week 3 Assignment  Synthesis of Personal Strengths and Weaknesses as a Leader Complete the “Leadership Traits Questionnaire” (Northouse, Chapter 2) and “Leadership Strengths Questionnaire” (Northouse, Chapter 3).Your paper should include five to seven scholarly references, be five pages long, not counting cover page or references list. It should reflect the rubric in the following ways: Comprehension: What are the findings of the questionnaires? Application: Discuss how your identified traits and strengths can enhance your ability to lead? How can your identified traits and weaknesses impede your ability to lead? Analysis/Synthesis: How can your identified traits and strengths compare to those you have observed in nurse leaders? Create a plan to develop your strengths and address your weaknesses to meet the anticipated leadership responsibilities of your intended role (upon graduation from your program of study).Evaluation: Summarize the value of examining your leadership traits and strengths. Purchase this Tutorial.