N680 Overview of Public Health Nursing Module 5 Assignment For this assignment, you are given three real-world scenarios to choose one to develop. Scenario One: There has been a case of measles at the local high school reported to the health department. The public health nurse that serves as the school nurse has been assigned to write a press release. Write a press release with appropriate statistics, description of measles, control and prevention strategies. Using the format as provided on the Welcome to the Course under Resources, develop a 1-2 page press release. A press release includes the who, what, where, and why and should be succinct and clear. Many press releases include a quote from a local authority e.g. the State Health Commissioner in order to personalize and add interest. A good public health press release would also include what the average citizen should do; a press release is an opportunity for public health officials to send evidence-based public health messages. At least two references using the APA style should be included. Scenario Two: A patron with eight co-patrons has introduced a bill to the general assembly. House Bill 413 Immunization of children: The parent, guardian or person standing in loco parentis of each child with this state shall cause such child to be immunized by vaccine against diphtheria tetanus, whooping cough and poliomyelitis before such child attains the age of one year, against Haemophilus influenza type before the attains the age of thirty months, and against measles (rubeola), German measles (rubella) and mumps before such child attains the age of two years. Complete a health policy analysis HPA) using the following format: Summarize the proposed legislation. Use your own words to describe the intent of the legislation. Describe the problem the proposed legislation is intended to address. Use secondary data to further describe the problem as is known from the literature. Identify the stakeholders and project the expected opinion. Indicate who would be in support of the legislation and why. Indicate who would not support the legislation and why? Examine the risks and benefits of the proposed legislation. If this bill is passed, what would be the expected outcomes and would that have a positive or negative impact on the public health. If this bill is not passed, what would be the positive or negative outcomes? Provide discussion as to the projected costs of this legislation if any. What would be the recommendation to the Governor? Should the Governor strongly support the bill and make a statement that he would sign if passed by the legislature? Should the Governor support the bill but express concerns or reservations? If so, what are those concerns? Can the proposed legislation be improved? If so, suggest the amendment/s Should the Governor not support and state that he would veto, if it passed the legislature? Give the reasons why the bill should not be supported and vetoed. Scenario Three: The public health nurse has been asked to provide an educational activity at the local assisted living facility regarding influenza, its identification, treatment and prevention for the residences. Compose a written lesson plan including the following elements: a detailed content outline, a description of the teaching method as to exactly what will be planned, and an evaluation plan. Use a matrix (or chart/table) format. Show how each content component will be presented and evaluated. Be creative as to the method of presenting the material. Limit the written plan to 2-3 pages and add a final page with the references. Cite references using APA style. Purchase this Tutorial.