NURS3345 TRANS PROFESSIONAL NURSING Module 5 Assignment    “Information Retrieval Paper: Part 3” This week, you will complete Part 3of the Information Retrieval Paper, which you worked on in Module 3 and 4.You are using the template provided, do not create a new word document. So far, you have developed a research question, identified the PICO components of your research question, included your rationale for selecting your research question, created a title page for your paper in APA format, located three peer-reviewed articles, summarized each article in APA format, and critically analyzed the articles. In this module, you will summarize and synthesize the key points of the peer reviewed, evidence based articles and develop a reference page in APA format. Be sure to review the previous assignments that relate to the Information Retrieval Paper. Incorporate your Coach’s suggestions and corrections so you won’t make the same mistakes again in this last section of the Information Retrieval Paper. Performance Objectives: • Synthesize the key points of peer reviewed, evidenced based articles.•   Develop a reference page in APA format. • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and American Psychological Association (APA) format in writing professional papers. Week 5 Application Information Retrieval Paper: Part 3In this week’s assignment, you will complete your Information Retrieval Paper. Review the outline for the entire assignment  before your begin. APA Format Elements Timeline Title Page in APA format Completion Timeline APA format    Citations in the body of the paper  Headings Applicable each time sections are submitted Writing style   Grammar   Spelling   Paragraphs of at least three well-written sentences   Organization and flow Applicable each time sections are submitted Content Criteria  Timeline Introduction: Identification of clinical problem in a workplace setting Research question stated correctly  Rationale for question    Title page   Completed Module 3Summary of 3 peer-reviewed articles    Overview: Where did you search? How did you decide on the 3 articles?    3 article summaries     Completed Module 3Critical Analysis Completeness of analysis  Completed Module 4Conclusion    Synthesis of key points for the 3 articles  To be completed Module 5 (now) Reference Page    Alphabetized    Sources cited in APA format    References complete To be completed Module 5 (now)Task #1 – Conclusion: Summarize Key Points In this part of the Information Retrieval Paper, you will synthesize the main points from the three peer reviewed, evidence based articles. Directions: In this section write a paragraph or two to synthesize the key points of the articles.  Consider this section a conclusion of your findings. For full credit, each of the 3 articles needs a minimum of 3 sentences. Each article topic requires an in-text citation (3 total).Synthesis Points from Articles (Type below)Task #2 – Reference Page In this part of the Information Retrieval Paper, you will create the reference page for the entire paper in APA format. Directions:•  Develop the reference page for your Information Retrieval Paper. Make sure that references are:– cited in APA format.– alphabetized.•  Complete the reference page in the space below.– Must have 3 peer-reviewed, evidence based articles Reference Page (Type Below)Submit this Assignment Document into Canvas for grading.   Purchase this Tutorial.