NURS4465 Population and Community Nursing Module 5 Quiz  Question 1Healthy People 2020 includes the following targeted national health objectives for mental health and mental disorders: (Select all that apply)  a. increase the proportion of persons with co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders who receive treatment for both disorders  b. decrease the number of children with mental health problems who receive treatment  c. reduce the suicide rate  d. reduce the proportion of persons who experience major depressive episodes Question 2Poverty refers to: (Select all that apply)  a. having insufficient financial resources to meet basic living expenses  b. belonging to a homogenous population group  c. people who are more likely to live in dangerous environments  d. people who work in high risk jobs, and eat less nutritious foods Question 3  At present, the following groups often constitute the homeless in both rural and urban areas: (Select all that apply)  a. single women  b. adolescent runaways  c. substance abusers  d. mentally-ill individuals Question 4  Babies born to teenage mothers in the United States are at-risk for many of the same problems as their young mothers.  These include:(Select all that apply)  a. school failure  b. a well-established career pathways  c. poverty  d. physical or mental illness Question 5  Factors leading to the growing number of persons in poverty in the United States include: (Select all that apply)  a. an abundance of employment opportunities  b. inadequate education and job skills  c. a growing number of households headed by women  d. reduced Social Security payments to children Question 6  Consumer advocacy movements for people with mental illness came about to fulfill unmet needs and to attempt to decrease the stigma associated with mental illness. (True or False)  True  False Question 7  Objectives of Healthy People 2020 that address tertiary prevention and are targeted to persons with serious mental illness are to: (Select all that apply)  a. reduce the proportion of homeless adults who have serious mental illness  b. increase their employment  c. decrease the number of adults with mental disorders who are incarcerated  d. advocate for stronger penalties for mentally ill persons who cause community disturbances Question 8  Poverty has a direct effect on health and well-being across the lifespan.  Persons in poverty have: (Select all that apply)  a. higher rates of chronic illness  b. longer life expectancy  c. simple health problems  d. higher rates of infant morbidity and mortality Question 9  The leading cause of productivity loss because of disability in the United States is: (Multiple Choice)  a.  heart disease  b.  cancer  c.  depression  d.  neurological diseases Question 10  When adolescents seek health care, it is often to discuss concerns about: (Select all that apply)  a. how to follow a healthy lifestyle  b. how to incorporate fruits and vegetables in their diets  c. a possible pregnancy  d. finding a birth control method Question 11  When an adolescent seeks counsel from a nurse, it is important that the nurse: (Select all that apply)  a. rely on her own opinions about what adolescents need in order to provide appropriate counsel to the adolescent  b. take the adolescent’s concerns seriously  c. establish a trusting relationship  d. divulge the adolescent’s’ concerns without regard to patient confidentiality and privacy Question 12In providing mental health services to individuals or groups, the role of the nurse at the basic practitioner level may include: (Select all that apply)  a. case management  b. counseling  c. psychobiological interventions  d. milieu therapy Question 13Melissa, a 16 year-old, confides in you the nurse that she may be pregnant.  Your first course of action should include the following:  a.  inform the school authorities where she attends school  b.  call her parents and notify them immediately  c.  refer her to a psychologist for counseling services  d. establish a trusting relationship Question 14 Strategies that are important to the nurse working with the poor and homeless include: (Select all that apply)  a. making assumptions about the poverty mindset of the poor and destitute  b. creating a trusting environment  c. showing respect, compassion, and concern  d. coordinating a network of services and providers Question 15 The following characteristics are descriptive of crisis poverty: (Select all that apply)  a. lives are usually marked by hardship and struggle  b. homelessness is often transient or episodic  c. homelessness may result from lack of education or employment, obsolete job skills, or domestic violence  d. the homeless person may resort to brief stays in shelters or other temporary accommodations  Purchase this Tutorial.