N501PE MSN Role Development Module 3 Discussion DQ1 Locate an evidence-based resource (article, book, etc.) regarding interprofessional collaboration, education, and/or practice, that is specific to your Master’s program track (MSN Case Manager, MSN Nurse Educator, MSN Executive Leadership, MSN Informatics, or MSN Infection Prevention and Control). Provide an overview of the resource, the essential points, and how this resource can be beneficial to your colleagues in the MSN program. You must identify a resource NOT already provided in this course.DQ2 Read the following article located in the American Sentinel University Library: Moriel, D., Felix, K., & Quinlan, P. (2017). Roles and responsibilities: Asking nurses and physicians what they know, do not know and want to know about the other’s profession. Journal of Research in Interprofessional Practice and Education, 7(1) doi: on the researchers’ findings, what information could you apply to assist in the development and promotion for integration of interprofessional collaboration? Be specific in the response. Purchase this Tutorial.