NURS6211 Finance and Economics in Healthcare Delivery Week 8 Assignment  Ratio Analysis Your personal decisions regarding purchases are likely made, in no small part, based on your financial position. You will likely consult your bank statements and checkbook before buying. But the extent that you will go beyond current resources—including loans and financing—will depend on factors such as need for the good or service and potential it has for returning value. Similarly, leaders must juggle need, financial position, and potential for return when making expenditure decisions. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto For this Assignment, you consider analysis tools such as expense forecasting, break-even, cost-benefit, marginal profit and loss and cost-effectiveness that can help determine the financial and organizational impact of proposed expenditures and investments. To Prepare Complete the required reading in the Learning Resources. Reflect on how these might be applied to your project. The Assignment Conduct a financial analysis using the three scenarios provided in the Excel Assignment Workbook. These are not based on your project but will help you learn the process. Complete the following: Ratio Analyses Worksheets: Open your Excel Assignment Workbook. This assignment will be completed on 3 separate tabs named:W8A5a Expense ForecastingW8A5b Breakeven AnalysisW8A5c Marginal Profit and Loss Using the Healthcare Budget Request Guide for guidance, complete the three scenarios: expense forecasting, break-even, marginal profit and loss for the scenarios provided.  Purchase this Tutorial.