Registered nurses work with individuals, groups and communities to improve health. One way to do this is to analyse how risks to health can be reduced during changes to natural, social and/ or governmental elements in our society. As clinical leaders, registered nurses are expected to collect information about an emerging health risk from a variety of sources and collate this information into a meaningful analysis with recommendations for a specific audience. The audience for these analyses can be the public, older people or carers of older people, or nurses working in a range of practice contexts. This aim of this assignment requires you to apply your theoretical knowledge gained from modules 1, 2 and 3.
Your poster and written justification (AN INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT) must:
1. Recommend and justify the nursing requirements for older people diagnosed with, or at risk of, complex health conditions and/or cognitive decline; and
2. Evaluate the implications for nursing care related to changes in the environment (natural, social and governmental) that impact the health of older people.

For this task you will create a poster and write a justification supporting your poster inclusions and aesthetic layout.
There are two parts to this assignment. Part 1 is a poster and Part 2 is the written justification.
The total word allocation for this assignment is 2500 words and your written justification needs be a minimum of 1200 words. NOTE: You can decide how you allocate your word limit of 2500 words as long as your justification is no less than 1200 words.

1. Before you begin preparing the poster or justification undertake the following steps:
I. Identify a specific health risk for a specific older adult population (aged over 65 years or over 55 years if Australian First Peoples);
II. Collect information about that specific health risk;
III. Develop a summary of your analysis of that information; and
IV. Identify an audience and make recommendations about risk reduction and treatment for that audience.