MED100 Medical Terminology, Law and Ethics Week 3 Live Lecture Quiz Question 1 Pull a quote from the lecture that gives one of the key points made by the instructor. Then explain in your own words how that point applies to your future career and/or the rest of the content you are studying this week in this course. Instructions You must use a quote from the live lecture(s) for this week for number 1.Your response to number 2 must be at least 50 words and should not include any citations or quotes. Please use your own voice and words to make the connections. Question 2 Please write one unique question about the live lecture content that invites the instructor to clarify a point or delve deeper into something taught in the live lecture. Instructions You will be graded on: A detailed question that demonstrates you watched the lecture. The question must be original (not copied from what someone asked during the lecture, the week’s assessment, discussion, or other course content).Depth and appropriateness of the question. In other words, demonstration you are engaged with the course content and aware of the focus of the live lecture Purchase this Tutorial.