1 Must be 25 to 35 PowerPoint slides in length (excluding title and reference slides). There are a total of 20 content criteria worth a total of ten points.

2 A title slide containing the following information must be included:

a Project Description

b Your given name

c The name and number of the course

d Name of the instructor

e Date of submission

3 There must be an introduction with a concise thesis statement.

4 Must apply critical thinking to the project’s topic in the following areas:

an Information about the organization

b Difficulties and opportunities

c The outcomes of the training program

d The impact on at least three stakeholder groups involved, as defined by cost, quality, and service access

e Suggestions for Action

5 A conclusion that reaffirms your thesis is required.

6 At least six supporting graphics (images, graphics, and/or multimedia) that are relevant to communicating the training content must be included (two points).

7 Must include speaker notes demonstrating critical thinking and application (content analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) in relation to the research methodology used to develop (six points):

a Project information

b Relevant and practical solutions to organizational challenges/opportunities

c Appropriate assessment of the various stakeholder groups involved

8 At least five to seven scholarly sources from a university and two to three current, scholarly web sources must be used.

9 All sources must be documented in APA format.

10 A separate reference slide, formatted according to APA style, must be included.