1.Read the entire “Best Practices Recommendations” paper. An annotated bibliography with several relevant papers is included at the end of the paper, beginning on page 31. Locate any two of those papers, read them, and write a 250-word summary (maximum). Please keep in mind that each paper can only be summarized by one student. It’s first come, first serve. Make your decision, stake your claim, and announce your intention to review the paper.

This is the article I’ve chosen.

Miller J., Campbell J., Miller J., Miller J., Miller J., Miller J. (2004). Elder care supportive interventions protocol, August 10-18, Journal of Gerontological Nursing.

The Second Article JF Phifer, FH Norris (1989). Nature, timing, duration, and course of psychosocial symptoms in older adults following a natural disaster S207-217 in Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 44(6).

Here are the “Best Practice Recommendations.” 1/courses/18FL-DMM-648-999/Topics

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2. The Jenkins et al paper discusses “The Disaster Cycle” as well as “Issues for a Successful Recovery.” Choose one of these topics and conduct research to back up what these authors are saying. Make a 250-word summary of the article you discovered.