Mary G., an 85-year-old Latina widow, suffers from COPD, hypertension, and hearing loss. She’s in the clinic today with her next-door neighbor’s daughter because she’s experiencing increased shortness of breath, has gained 5 pounds in a week, has swelling in her ankles, and jugular vein distension. Mary’s doctor thinks she’s developing congestive heart failure, so he’s prescribed a new drug and wants to see her again in two weeks.

Mary’s current meds are as follows:


For shortness of breath, use 2 puffs of albuterol MDI every 4 hours as needed.


Inhale one pill of tiotropium every day.


5mg enalapril maleate PO once a day


Medication updates:


20 mg furosemide, PO once a day


Before Mary departs the clinical, you’ve been asked to deliver medication instruction. In an APA-style paper, please respond to the following questions.


Make a list of the objectives for this teaching/coaching plan.

Give three examples of teaching resources.

Determine which instructional methods can be employed.

List any particular directions for her prescription, as well as any adverse effects to be aware of and what to do if they occur.

Identify two reasons that may have a negative impact on drug adherence and how they might be overcome.

Describe how you’ll involve your family.

Provide details on how and when she should seek assistance and support.