Provide an APA citation and a brief summary of the research article you chose. The chosen article is


Identify a healthy child (1 month to 10 years of age) at home or at school.


The child should not be related to the student in any way.

You will conduct a developmental and home assessment for a child aged birth to ten years old during home visits.

You can conduct a systematic assessment of school students’ developmental status and identify environmental factors located in the school that are aimed at stimulating their development.

Here are some parameters to consider:

a)date of birth, age, and gender

b)growth parameters – use growth charts that are based on the

Use the Birth to 36 months 3rd-97th percentile forms for children aged 2 years and plot the following on the chart:
head circumference for age weight for length length for age weight for length length for age weight for length length for age weight for length length for age weight for length length for age
For children over the age of two, use the 2-20 years 3rd-97th percentile forms and chart the following:
c)nutritional status stature for age weight for age BMI for age

d)development – keep in mind the various aspects of development.


Who lives in the house, and what are their responsibilities to the child?
What impact do they have on the development of the child?
Is the child cared for outside of the home, and how does this affect the child and his or her family?
f)Evaluation of the home environment or of the school–

Include safety issues that this tool may not cover, such as guns in the house, helmets with bikes, hazardous chemicals within reach, and so on.

Calculate the child’s growth percentiles.
Describe and interpret findings in child development. Compare the child’s development to at least two developmental theorists.
Examine the child’s environment for cognitive and social emotional support, safety, and nutrition, and make a list of factors that help or hinder the child’s growth and development. Alternatively, if the child is in school, describe environmental factors that you have identified that are stimulating his or her development.
Discuss the issues that need to be addressed, as well as nursing diagnoses and needs. If there are no issues, talk about anticipatory guidance requirements.
3) GOALS – for the child and the family

4) INTERVENTIONS OR RECOMMENDATIONS – to maintain and promote the child’s growth, development, and health.

Include documentation of your reasoning.