1. Read pages 16-18 on nursing profession in your text book.
  2. Google this question: Is nursing a profession?
  3. Find 1 peer-reviewed article on nursing as a profession. See the Library Tutorials on the home page.
  4. Write a 1-page essay on the concept of nursing as a profession using the literature you found and your text to support your position. There are three (3) items you need to address in this assignment. (a) What constitutes a “profession?” (b) Is Nursing a Profession or a Practice? (c) Why do you believe or do not believe nursing is a profession? Support your position from the literature. Use headings for each section except the introduction (APA manual page 62).
  5. You must have a title page in APA format. Your title page for this course will include:
  6. Running Head: refer to chapter 8, section 8.03 for an explanation of running head and page 41 for an example. Watch the YouTube recording on formatting a paper in APA style.