Create a workflow analysis of the emergency department’s patient flow. This will include everything from the time the patient walks into the ED to the time they interact with the following:
Receptionist \sTriage Nurse \sAssigned Nurse Practitioner Lab and/or Imaging
Accept admission to the floor or discharge to home
Include Smart Art to delineate the different areas of the workflow, as well as a key.
Read the following and respond to the questions.
“In my consulting experience, I have seen several organizations incorporate the printing of paper reports, which replicate information that has been entered and is available with the electronic patient record.” Instead of electronic information, these reports are frequently reviewed, signed, and acted upon. Despite the fact that the information contained in these reports was outdated the moment the report was printed, and that using the report for clinical workflow is an inefficient practice in and of itself, this method of clinical workflow is used in many hospitals across the United States. The decision to design a paper-based workflow around clinical technology is motivated by an underlying fear. There is also a lack of appropriate integration, which would allow this information to be available in electronic form.”

What role does workflow analysis play in the practice of nursing?
Is it possible to incorporate paper-based workflows into clinical information systems? Explain your response.
Assume you are the INS official in charge of implementing the use of electronic records. What strategies could you employ to ensure a smooth transition?
Please submit a single APA-formatted analysis of 1800 words, excluding the title and reference page.