Health Information Technology Systems and Nursing Informatics: A Comprehensive Introduction

What drew you to the nursing profession, and what do you consider to be your nursing strengths? Nurses are frequently required to employ skills that are unrelated to the reasons that drew them to the profession in the first place. Your attitude toward change, particularly the increased reliance on technology in health care, is important to consider. Computer competency resources are being developed by organizations such as TIGER to help nursing professionals gain a better understanding of informatics in the health care setting. Is it possible for nursing informatics and competencies to improve the quality of care, the safety of patients, and the overall satisfaction of the workforce?

To get ready, do the following:

Examine the media presentation that took place this week, which focused on the benefits and challenges of health informatics.
Consider your professional nursing experiences, as well as how informatics has influenced or changed your nursing practice over time.
Examine the informatics competencies for the TIGER and ANA that are presented in the Learning Resources. What conclusions do you draw from this in terms of the following topics:
How these competencies have an impact on nursing informatics, how they improve quality of care and patient safety, and how they promote nursing practice excellence
How informatics has changed, and will continue to change, nursing practice are some examples.
Your individual informatics abilities, strengths, and preferences are outlined below.
Identify any potential challenges or areas in which you need to improve your abilities, as well as at least one strategy for achieving professional growth in this area
By Day 3, submit a well-organized response that addresses the following points:

Please describe your nursing background and professional interests in a few sentences.
Explain how informatics has influenced or changed nursing practice in a few sentences. Describe a specific instance from your professional experience to support your claim.
Examine the ways in which established informatics competencies influence the quality of care, the improvement of safety, and the achievement of excellence in nursing practice.
In this exercise, you will identify your informatics strengths and preferences as well as any potential challenges or areas for improvement. (Refer to the specific TIGER and ANA competencies for more information.)
Describe one strategy for improving your informatics knowledge, skills, and abilities. b.