Addressing a social issue requires a great deal of personal experience and perception. However, as individuals, we all have limits to our knowledge on any given subject. The ability to conduct research on a social issue provides a more comprehensive perspective on multiple aspects of an issue, insight into the communities affected, and lessons learned for other like-minded groups who have done similar work.

In this Journal Assignment, you will investigate the concept of Discovery in relation to your group’s research on a social topic.

To get ready for this assignment, do the following:

Consider the readings from the first three weeks of this course.
In the Syllabus, review the explanation of Walden University’s DEEP-C Model General Education Learning Outcome “Discovery.”
Consider the term “discovery” in relation to the work you’re doing in this course.
Consider how people involved in social movements in the past obtained information on the social issue and related topics, given the amount of information that is readily available today.
The Project:

Write a 2- to 3-paragraph journal entry answering the following questions:

What appropriate information sources will be used to back up your group’s claims about your topic?
What advantages do you see in conducting research to discover various factors associated with your topic at this early stage in the process of investigating it?
In what ways does your group’s approach benefit from the ability to conduct research?
Day 7 is the deadline for submitting your assignment.

All assignments must be completed on time in order to receive full credit. If an unexpected and uncontrollable life event occurs that prevents you from meeting an assignment deadline, contact the Instructor immediately to request an extension. The contact information for your instructor can be found in the Contact the Instructor section on the left navigation bar. Please refer to the “Policies on Late Assignments” section of your Syllabus for a complete description of the late policy.