What difficulties do you foresee in the course of resolving disputes? Consider looking over this web page from the Conflict Resolution Network Headquarters (retrieved from

In what situation has there been a conflict between nurses and physicians or between nurses and administration? Describe the situation (use an advanced nursing practice situation).

Fill in the blanks with your own thoughts on how applying the Twelve Skills Summary to the situation might have changed the outcome.

Each section of your paper must be contained within a single Word document. The paper must be between 4 and 6 pages in length, excluding the title page and reference list pages, to be considered complete. APA Publication Manual, Sixth Edition formatting must be followed throughout the paper. This includes a title page, a running head, and a reference list, as well as properly formatted citations within each section of the paper.

Please refer to the Grading Rubrics section of the Course Home for more information on this Assignment’s grading criteria and rubric.

The following are the requirements for the assignment:

You should complete the following tasks before submitting your work:

Make sure to carefully read the Assignment description (which can be found above) before beginning;

To ensure that you have included everything that is required, refer to the Grading Rubric (found under the Course Home). and

Make use of spell- and grammar-check to reduce the likelihood of making mistakes.

Your writing assignment should include the following elements:

adhere to the rules of Standard American English (proper grammar, punctuation, and so on);

must have a clear, logical, and cohesive structure, while also being original and insightful;

Demonstrate superior content, organization, style, and technical capabilities.

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