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We have spoken at great lengths about the importance of leadership to the success of any quality improvement efforts. Organizations such as ThedaCare, Mayo Clinic, or Virginia Mason are heralded as role models in their use of Process improvement methodologies and the support and organizational structure that has promoted the successful implementation of QI initiatives. Using market analysis reports, publish research and organizational analysis data:

– Identify what makes some healthcare organizations better in terms of quality of care than others

Make sure to use a big enough sample for your analysis (at least 10 healthcare companies should be
mentioned by name include virginia mason, thedacare and Mayo clinic) and ; I encourage you to use secondary research as well, from outlets such at Harvard
Business Review, McKinsey, PwC and other applicable journals).

please briefly include 10 healthcare organizations and what makes them stand out in terms of quality and process improvement from other hospitals etc. Can be 1-1.5 pages long, size 10 font .