Learning Outcome One: You will identify what effective communication is, how it is used in nursing, and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your own communication skills. You will also consider your own personal values and beliefs, and how these may impact on the care you give or approach to service users in the future and in light of recent reports and legislation.

Learning Outcome Two: Nurses are bound by a professional code of conduct, which sets out the way in which all registered nurses must behave. You will discuss the content of this code and how it is applied in nursing practice. Think about the NHS constitution, the 6 Cs, the Francis Report of 2013, and the Keogh enquiry of 2013.


You will need to identify and consider your personal learning during this module to encompass learning outcomes one and two; this could be a new skill, the development of a previously learnt skill, or an aspect of theoretical knowledge that is new to you. You need to consider why this topic was important, and what its impact on you, this will enable you to identify strategies to develop your topic further. You MUST incorporate aspects of the NHS Constitution and the 6Cs into this essay in order to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the professional nature of nursing.

“This essay can be written in the First Person or Passive”


**The introduction should signpost your topic choice and areas to be discussed. The main body of the discussion should address the following issues
Ø **Clearly identify your new learning, giving a rationale for your choice.
Ø **How has this learning made a difference to you?
Ø **How will this learning influence your future clinical practice?
Ø **Describe how you will continue to develop this learning after this module.
Ø **How does this personal/professional development relate to the NMC Code?
Ø **How does your topic relate to the NHS Constitution and the 6 Cs
The importance of effective communication, in relation to your new learning, can be explored at any point within the essay.

**The essay should finish with a clear conclusion which draws together the themes of discussion and identifies with learning outcomes 1 and 2.

Remember to use use only united kingdom evidence based article , journal. book like NICE etc. Also pls do not use big grammers(avoid big vocabularly).