NUR2944 Professional Nursing Capstone Module 1 Discussion Your Own Strategies Quarter 7 is the final course prior to taking your NCLEX license exam to legally practice the profession of nursing. As a nursing student you have been exposed to theory, clinical experiences, simulations, and skills. To prepare for licensing, what strategies will you employ to ensure a successful NCLEX outcome? Describe 3-4 strategies you will utilize to promote your success. NUR2944 Professional Nursing Capstone Module 4 Discussion Personal Mission Statement Develop and share your personal nursing mission statement. How will this guide and impact your nursing practice now and in the future? NUR2944 Professional Nursing Capstone Module 5 Discussion Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgment Scenario Options Menu: Forum   You have been assigned 4 patients on an Intermediate Medical Care Unit. Two of the patients are post myocardial infarctions at various stages of their infarctions with multiple types of arrhythmias, the third patient is having drastic blood sugar fluctuations 218 down to 50 within minutes and its rebounds back up with changes in mentation and the fourth is reported to be having frequent TIA’s. One of the MI patients is having some dizziness and your TIA patient is presenting signs of impending stroke. How would you prioritize your assessments and activities? How would you describe your critical thinking process and how do you organize and prioritize implementation of care? NUR2944 Professional Nursing Capstone Module 8 Discussion Developing a Portfolio Identify what categories you will utilize to develop your portfolio at this stage of your early career. What type of portfolio would you prefer to use to present yourself to future recruiters, web based or documents?  NUR2944 Professional Nursing Capstone Module 10 Discussion Improving Your Test-taking Skills What areas related to test-taking do you feel need improvement? What strategies could you utilize to improve your own test-taking skills? List a minimum of five strategies you have identified that will assist in your successful outcome. Purchase this Tutorial.