NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 1 Discussion Identify three teaching strategies you are familiar with and explain how you plan to implement them into your practicum setting. Include one advantage and one limitation for each strategy you describe. Include one to two scholarly sources to support your position. NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 2 Discussion Describe the role of the nurse educator in providing a safe and positive learning environment. Include discussion on how to prepare future nurse educators to promote civil behaviors and respond to uncivil behaviors in the practice setting? NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 3 Discussion Define how Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) enable the faculty to evaluate the student’s learning? NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 4 Discussion Nursing retention is a huge concern with one in five nurses leaving the profession in the first 2 years. Describe how socialization influences the role of the nurse educator. How can better socialization and integration of nurses into the profession be supported? What are some behaviors we can foster as nurse educators to improve socialization into the profession? NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 5 Discussion As you research, describe two evidence-based teaching strategies that you have identified as best suited for your practicum setting and audience. Explain why you chose these two and include the references.    NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 6 Discussion Describe how to choose an evaluation strategy based on the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains. In Topic 8, you will create a lesson plan to implement at your practicum site. Describe two to three evaluation strategies you could implement and explain why they are a good fit. When choosing a strategy, select one from each of the different domains: cognitive, psychomotor, and affective. NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 7 Discussion In this topic, you will be working on developing a learning needs assessment. Why does the nurse educator assess learning needs prior to lesson plan development? Discuss what will be important for you to assess related to the chosen topic for your lesson plan. What would be some important demographic information to gather? What other information might you consider gathering such as learning styles? NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 8 Discussion As you develop a lesson plan, what are some specific teaching strategies that you are considering? State two learning objectives you have developed for your lesson plan and discuss how you will incorporate content to meet those learning objectives for your students. NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 9 Discussion Describe how nurse educators function in a leadership role. Discuss leadership styles beneficial for nurse educators in the leadership role. NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 10 Discussion Collaboration is a tool that improves thinking processes and the end work product. What is the importance of collaboration in your future role as a nurse educator in your chosen practice environment? Who are potential stakeholders involved in your future interprofessional collaborations and define their roles?  NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 11 Discussion Describe how the implementation and refinement of your lesson plan impacts quality improvement in your practicum setting. Describe two to three outside influences on the curriculum revision process. How does curriculum revision affect quality improvement? NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 12 Discussion What is the impact of the nurse educator role on organizational effectiveness? Identify one area in your practicum setting/organization that needs improvement. Choose a theory or change model you have experience with. Applying the identified theory/model, propose a change and describe the organizational impact in your practicum setting. NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 13 Discussion Being an effective educator requires staying abreast of the scholarship of teaching and learning in your field. What aspects of teaching and learning in your field interest you most? What plans do you have for participating in scholarly activities to enhance your nurse educator role based on Boyer’s Model of Scholarship? NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 14 Discussion After you have analyzed your student data collected from your lesson plan presentation, describe the degree of learning by your students. Include a description of the method used to gather assessment data and an explanation of how the data will be used to plan further instruction. NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 15 Discussion Consider a nurse leadership role you are familiar with and describe how the nurse educator role collaborates with leadership in an institution (choose a setting you are familiar with).Considering NLN’s competency 8, how do you see leadership skills integrated into your future nurse educator role?   NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 16 Discussion Access the Christian Identity and Heritage page of the GCU website located in the study materials. As a GCU graduate, discuss how you can integrate faith, learning, and work into your organization to foster a climate of respect and caring. How will you strive to be actively engaged as an advocate in nursing education organizations or institutional processes? Purchase this Tutorial.