NR394 Transcultural Nursing Week 4 Assignment ¬†Check-In: Course Project Part 2PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is for learners to provide updates on the Course Project progress and receive individualized feedback from your instructor. Course Outcomes This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcome: CO 1: Identify theories, concepts, and beliefs related to transcultural nursing. (PO 1)CO 3: Describe culturally competent nursing care across the lifespan. (PO 4)Directions Download the Week 4 Check-In: Course Project Part 2 Template below. Save it to your computer with the file name: Your Last Name NR394 W4 Check In.docx Type directly in your saved template. Complete the Week 4 Check-In: Explain your progress on Week 4: Course Project Part 2. Include revisions, if required by the Week 3: Course Project Part 1 faculty feedback. Ask at least one question of your instructor that could help you do your best on Course Project Part 2.Submit once to the Week 4 Check-In: Course Project Part 2.Your instructor will provide a score and feedback by Friday of Week 4 by 11:59 p.m. MT. Return to the Grades area to read the instructor’s response prior to submitting your Week 4: Course Project Part 2: Research. You must read that feedback and use it to produce Course Project Part 2.For instructions for how to review instructor feedback, please see “Viewing Feedback on Assignments” under Resources/Program Resources. Template and Link Week 4 Check-In: Course Project Part 2 Template (Download here) (Links to an external site.) Leading Health Indicators website (Links to an external site.)Best Practices Please use your browser’s File setting to save or print this page Spell check for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission. Use the rubric as a final check prior to submission to ensure all content is clearly addressed. Purchase this Tutorial.