NURS4455 Nursing Leadership and Management Module 3 Assignment 2Organizational Analysis–The Organization Name:  Date: Organizational Analysis–The Organization Them aj or assignment for this course is analysis of your organization (or an organization that you have worked for if you aren’t currently employed).In this assignment, you will report the organization’s mission, philosophy, and administrative structure. You will compare and contrast what you find with the characteristics of organizations you have learned about in the lectures and presentations and in your own investigative reading. Complete this assignment to demonstrate your analysis of the big picture of your organization. Objectives •  Explain how organizations function. • Compare and contrast characteristics of leadership and management.• Apply trends, issues, theories, and evidence as guide lines for management decisions.•             Evaluate effectiveness of communication patterns using specific management situations. Expected elements for scholarly writing:• Ensure correct grammar and spelling•  Assignment should be submitted as an APA Paper, including title page and references.• Title page is required for this Assignment and the UTACON version is expected format.• 1-inch margins, 12 size Times New Roman font.•   Please provide all references used to support your opinions and clarify positions in the paper.•  The reference list begins on a separate page from the content.•             Headings are expected and must be connected to the assignment criteria following APA style.•             An introduction is expected providing a brief look at what is planned within the body of the paper. However, no heading is used over the introduction in APA format. A Summary is used and should have a heading over it.•             For all other style questions refer to the American Psychological Association. (2020).Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.) Washington, DC: Author. Introduction of the Organization Provide a concise description of the healthcare organization, including type of agency, size ,geographic location, services provided, target clientele, accreditation status, and community relationships. Examination of the Organization Identify the organization’s mission, philosophy, and the administrative structure. Identify the type of organizational structure the facility represents (functional, matrix reporting, joint practice, etc.).Give examples that support the type you selected. Strengths and Limitations Discuss major strengths and limitations of the organization. Care Delivery System Describe the nursing care delivery system(s)used. Include delegation examples of manager, charge nurse, licensed staff to unlicensed staff. Outcomes and Measurements Discuss two  specific patient outcomes and explain how they are measured and monitored. Include one system–wide outcome and one nurse–sensitive clinical indicator. Purchase this Tutorial.