Incorporate the following information into your presentation:

Identify your clinical problem of interest and explain why it is important to nursing.
Provide at least two scholarly sources that support your topic and discuss the articles’ level of evidence.
Identify issues with current practice and propose solutions using your clinical model to improve care and address your problem/topic. Provide scholarly resources to back up your solutions and ideas with rationale and evidence.
Discuss the current organizational/institutional policies in place for the implementation of your clinical model. Include the implementation’s challenges and benefits.
Identify the interprofessional team members you would assemble in a clinical setting to put your model into action and solve your problem.
Your plan’s strengths and weaknesses are summarized.
Personal reflection on what you learned throughout the process and how it may guide or change your clinical practice.
3-5 scholarly references in APA format on a slide.
The total number of slides in the presentation should be 8-10.
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Assignment Prerequisites
Before you submit your work, you should: