NURS3345 TRANS PROFESSIONAL NURSING Module 2 Quiz Lectures Progress Monitor Question 1 Evidence-based practice ultimately:  adds to the nurse’s credentials and advancement.  impresses patients and their families with big words.  improves patient outcomes and adds to nursing knowledge.  adds to nursing knowledge and credentials. Question 2Nursing theory provides:  concepts and challenges.  common language and a decision-making framework.  a conceptual framework for study.  an application triad for study. Question 3In ANA’s Code of Ethics, autonomy refers to:  telling the truth.  doing no harm.  acting on one’s own.  trusting. Question 4 Identify the correct citation of an author within the body of an article or within a paper at the end of a sentence.  Boyd, 2008.  (Boyd, 2008)  Boyd  (Boyd) Question 5 Studying nursing theory is important because:  by looking at where we’ve been, we can better understand where we need to be.  we can track how nursing practices have drastically changed over the years.  sleep and pure air are still part of the hospitalization experience.  patient care does not change over time. Purchase this Tutorial.