Write a paper of 525 to 700 words in which you:

Identify processes, work units, interdepartmental committees, and so on within an organizational structure that the Consultancy is evaluating in order to promote a proactive approach to change.
Discuss what barriers you believe existed within the consortium segments that hampered change prior to the launch of the innovative and improvement approach.
Include the underlying skill sets that were discussed in the case study. Use your readings from Ch.12, â€The Effective Change Manager: What Does It Take?†to help you.
Format your paper in accordance with APA guidelines.

Name on the title page

Page numbers appear in the header on the right-hand side, beginning with the first page. There is no need for a running head.

12-point font with double spacing

An introduction that describes the topic of the paper.

A conclusion that “wraps” up your paper’s points.

Papers should be written in the first person (I, we) and not in the second person (“you”).

At least two references are required. The reference is not valid unless it is accompanied by at least one citation.

Each paragraph is 5 spaces indented.