Students will be able to critically evaluate their own roles, responsibilities, and functions as a nurse, integrate concepts of profession, professional, and professionalism, and discuss an issue relevant to the profession that will have an impact on future professional practice through the scholarly paper they write.


The purpose of this paper is to enable the student to articulate concepts of professional nursing and to integrate relevant and critical issues pertaining to the nursing profession into their own writing style and format. Students will gain a better understanding of current issues that will affect their profession and work environment as a result of this analysis.


The student will be able to do the following after completing this project:

Give examples of the roles, responsibilities, and functions performed by a professional nurse (LO 3, 4)
Examine the most recent and relevant professional information available on the subject (LO 2, 4)
Analyze a current, relevant nursing issue in relation to professional practice and present your findings (LO 3, 5)

The roles, responsibilities, and functions of a professional nurse will be the subject of an informational paper written by each student on the subject.

Students will select a current, relevant nursing topic and integrate how the topic relates to the profession as a whole in their presentations.

Nursing issues of personal interest may include those related to the course content or those related to other nursing issues.

2. Investigate and integrate a current professional nursing issue, using at least two current (2010-present) professional NURSING journals as sources of information (total of 4 professional references). If you have a question about which professional journal would be appropriate for your paper, you should contact the professor up to 48 hours before the paper is due.

3. The final scholarly paper should be written in APA format throughout, and it will include the following sections:

Abstract and Discussion of the Title Page (This is the body of your paper, which contains your presentation of the topic.) These five pages will be the length of this section.
The total number of pages is eight (title page to reference page)
APA Format:

A) An overview of the topic:

The abstract should be a succinct summary of the paper’s content, ranging from 150 to 250 words in length.
B) An introduction to the subject matter:

Explain the topic of the paper in a clear and succinct manner, including not only information about professional nursing, but also the current issue to be discussed.
C) Presentation of Professional Nursing & the Issue Associated With It:

Today’s professional nurse must understand the various responsibilities and functions that she performs.

Identify a significant and current issue affecting current or future nursing practice, administration, education, or research that has an impact on current or future nursing.

To discuss this important issue as it relates to professional nursing, use relevant professional articles and resources to help you get started.

It is necessary to use headings. It is not acceptable to use bulleted or numbered seriation in this paper.

D) Concluding Remarks:

This section is a discussion of your conclusions and/or summary of your research. This section should not be used to summarize the paper.

E) American Psychological Association (APA) Format:

The paper’s structure must follow the APA (6th edition) format, which includes a title page, an abstract, page numbers, a running head, and a reference page. Throughout the body of your paper, use headings to break up the text.

F) APA STYLE (American Psychological Association):

See Chapter 3 of the APA Manual, titled “Writing Clearly and Concisely,” for more information. Keep an eye out for things like tone, economy of expression, precision and clarity, linguistic devices, and biases when writing (see APA manual pp. 65-77).

Please refrain from using personal pronouns!

Consult with the Cedar Crest College Writing Center if you need assistance.

The G’s are for spelling, grammar, and organization.

No grammatical or spelling mistakes should be made on this piece of writing. A well-organized and understandable paper that includes critical thinking as well as evidence of your own thought process should be the goal of the assignment. The clarity of statements or ideas is essential.

H) Bibliographic Citations:

A minimum of four current professional nursing references must be included in the paper (minimum of 2 must be professional journal articles). Prevent the use of textbooks, non-nursing & non-professional websites, newspaper articles, and non-nursing and non-scholarly journals from being used in your class or lab. These non-nursing and non-scholarly sources should only be used to supplement the professional resources available on the internet.

4. Complete the assigned task Submissions must include the following: the Vericite submission in the module, as well as the final paper with PDF copies of the professional nursing journal articles, which are due by April 16th (4/16/2017) at 2359.

Submissions are only accepted online through the Scholarly Paper Dropbox, which can be found in the â€Scholarly Paper†module of the online course.

Online submission of PDF copies of journal articles that have been used, as well as accurate and complete web addresses for professional websites.

It is not necessary to submit the PDF articles in order for the papers to be graded.

Obtainable web addresses for the reference page MUST be included.

Papers will not be graded if the paper was not submitted to Vericite in the first place.

In the event of a paper not being submitted to Vericite or a paper being submitted without PDF articles, late deductions will accrue at a rate of 10% of the assignment points per day for five days (including weekends and holidays). Complete assignments (papers and articles) that are not submitted within 5 days of the deadline, or partial assignments that are not submitted within 5 days of the deadline (i.e. articles that are not submitted), will receive a grade of 0/200 points.

Please notify the course faculty if you have submitted a paper or resources after the due date for the course.

Your Scholarly Paper is worth 200 points (out of a possible 1000 points) toward your overall course grade.