You are a professional nurse caring for Mr. R, a 58-year-old patient who recently underwent colon cancer surgery that resulted in a temporary colostomy. Choose one of our textbook’s assigned or unassigned nursing theories and answer the following questions:

How would you provide Mr. R. with professional nursing care? Using the theory you’ve chosen To explain your interventions, make sure to use terminology from the chosen nursing theory.
Relate the case study to the application of legal and/or ethical standards.
Please keep in mind that the instructor may ask you additional questions later in the week to help build on your answers and further develop this scenario.

This course focuses on four theories.

Theoretical Systems (as cited in Hood, 2014)
Roy’s theory of adaptation (as cited in Hood, 2014)
Orem’s theory of self-care deficit (as cited in Hood, 2014)
Benner’s theory of novice to expert (as cited in Hood, 2014)
Consider how you would apply each of these theories in your own nursing practice as you read about them.

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