Case Study on the Nursing Process

Please read the case study below and answer the questions that follow.

Daniel, a 16-year-old boy, is the identical twin. He and his brother Jeff are extremely close and do the majority of their activities together. While Daniel excels in sports, he believes his brother is far superior in almost every other area. Daniel, his brother, and their two sisters live in the Midwest with their parents. Daniel has recently been feeling tireder than usual. He assumed it was due to his busy schedule and schoolwork, both of which he excels at. He mostly gets Bs, but his grades have been declining recently. He passed out one day while getting ready for a game. Daniel’s coach called his parents to inform them that he had been taken to the Emergency Room. The doctor decided to admit Daniel to the hospital for observation while he was there. He had a slight fever, his breathing was shallow, and he was sweating at the time. He was also drowsy and had a high blood pressure. He did have some abnormal laboratory results, but his doctor was not overly concerned at the time. Daniel also mentioned that he was achy.

You’ve been assigned to look after Daniel today, and when you walk into his room, you’ll see his mother and brother Jeff. Daniel appears to be dozing off. Respond to the following questions using the nursing process in your written assignment:

What kind of objective and subjective data can you collect with what you know? How will you collect this information? What more proof do you require?

Problem analysis and identification: What do you think Daniel’s issue(s) are? What nursing diagnoses are possible? For identification, use the following.

Planning: Based on your nursing diagnoses, identify two goals and one nursing intervention for each.

While you will be unable to implement or evaluate your nursing interventions, how well do you believe they will aid in Daniel’s care?