Employee and customer satisfaction metrics and measurements can be extremely useful in identifying areas where healthcare organizations can make improvements in order to better serve their patients or customers and the general public. HRM metrics can also be used to provide meaningful data that can be used to make better decisions and changes in the workplace.


Post your responses to the following questions in the Discussion Area, keeping your responses to a minimum of 200 words:

What metrics should a healthcare organization’s human resources department use to determine its effectiveness? How would you distinguish between the effect of human resource management policies or programs and the effect of other organizational and external factors, for example, if job satisfaction has increased among nursing staff?
Which of the commonly used human resource management metrics would you use if you were the human resource manager of a healthcare organization? Why? As an example, give a brief description of a company or organization.
How should human resource management metrics be used to assess the achievement of the HR department’s objectives in terms of improving the performance indicators of the entire organization?