I.The community’s boundaries (describe each of the areas below)



C.Social interaction and/or shared goals, interests, or traits

II.Aggregate Characteristics: Demographics and Socio-cultural Aspects

A.Age Distribution and Mean

B.Gender Proportions

C.Racial/Ethnic Diversity

D.Social and economic class

E.Marriage status


G.Represented social organizations

III. Determine the health-care resources available to this group.

A.Resources for health-care services

B.Medical care facilities

C.Health-related information

D.How are members educated and socialized about health issues?

E.Funding for aggregate health services/education/facilities

F.How readily available, adequate, and appropriate are services, facilities, finances, and education for this group?

G.How do aggregates feel about health and health care professionals?

H.How important is health to aggregate members?

IV.Aggregate Health Assessment

A.Primary causes of death in this population