This discussion assignment focuses on what it means to provide patient-centered care and why it is important in nursing and your practice. For your assignment, conduct an Internet search of key, credible sources to describe why patient-centered care is important to you as a practicing nurse, why it is important to the nursing profession, and how it is demonstrated in the clinical workplace.


Include the following in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document and online discussion:

What does it mean to provide patient-centered care?
Why is patient-centered care important to you as a nurse practitioner?
What is the significance of patient-centered care in the nursing profession?
Is there a patient-centered care policy and process in place at your clinical workplace or another clinical workplace of your choice? If so, please list them. If not, why do you believe they aren’t there?
How is patient-centered care exemplified in your clinical setting or in your nonemployer clinical setting?
What were your trustworthy sources?