Assume you’re going to pay a visit to your congressional representative. Create a one-page document supporting your position on the AHCA that you will leave with your representative or his or her aide when you visit. This one-pager, also known as a â€leave behind,†should clearly state your position in bullet points and explain why your position is preferred. This â€leave behind†should have 1 inch margins and be written in 14-point font. If you were making this visit in person, you would hand over your “leave behind” to the person with whom you spoke during your visit. Include a second page in your â€leave behind†page that describes your rationale for the position, supported by at least two journal articles.
Write a two-page summary of the situation surrounding your legislative visit. Answers to the following questions will help you understand your representative’s political affiliation:
Was your member in favor of or against the AHCA?
State three points in support of or opposition to your representative’s position.
How has your nursing experience influenced your advocacy position on the AHCA?

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