Public HealthNURS340 Vulnerable Population Assignment Public and community health nursing involves working with vulnerable populations as equal partners with a focus on primary prevention and health promotion. Nurses should incorporate evidence-based nursing practices that demonstrate an awareness of ethnic identities, cultures, and sociocultural practices of local clientele. In this assignment, you will design healthcare education for individuals, families, and communities from a vulnerable population of your choice. ( Migrant Farm Workers )The objectives of this assignment are to:· Research a current event in public and community health.· Increase your understanding of a particular area of public and community health.· Critically evaluate current processes that support a vulnerable population or community, and increases its ability to be healthy. This assignment requires critical thinking to develop a reasoned, supported opinion of your target population’s vulnerabilities. You should explore your existing attitudes, thoughts, and intrinsic beliefs regarding the health issues of this population.· vulnerable populations: Migrant Farm workers (topic)For this presentation, ( I only need 2-4 slides as long every question bellow is answered. Well organized and dynamic including pictures. Use at least 2- 3 references. Each reference must be current, no older than five years. (APA formt )· Migrant Farm workers A. Find a current event happening in the Vulnerable Population/Community (Migrants farm workers)B. Briefly and in your own words, summarize content of event. C. How does this event affect the Vulnerable Population/Community where the event is occurring? D. What are your thoughts regarding what can/should/or could be done to address the issue? E. How can we go upstream and prevent/decrease this issue from happening. Purchase this Tutorial.