Write a 2–3 page paper addressing the following points:

How does this article relate to what you know at work, what you’ve learned in this class, or what you’ve learned in other healthcare/nursing courses?

Give specifics:

Which of the technologies discussed in the article do you personally use, and how do you use them? Do you use it in the same way or in a different way than discussed in the article? If so, why or why not?
Describe at least three technological changes that you see coming to your work or future work. Describe the changes, the technology that will cause the change, and the reasons for the change.
Is your experience as a healthcare professional or a patient similar to or dissimilar to what is described in the article? Why do you believe your experience is different?
What piqued your interest the most while reading this information, and why? Remember to explain your answers thoroughly and to back them up with references from academic sources and/or examples from your work experience.