1. How do you think the long-term care industry will evolve in the future? 2. Are hospitals likely to play a larger role in the delivery of long-term care in the future? If so, why or why not? 3.Does the open-system approach become necessary only when the organization faces challenges or seeks to capitalize on emerging opportunities? Please elaborate. 4.W.R. Dill identified four external constituents required for organizational goal achievement: (a) customers; (b) suppliers of labor, materials, capital, and so on; (c) competitors in both markets and resources; and (d) regulators. What, if any, contribution does each of these factors make to improving the organizational effectiveness of a nursing facility? What is the relationship between these four factors? 5.Environmental scanning can be carried out using both formal and informal processes. Discuss one formal and one informal method for identifying significant environmental trends that a nursing home administrator can use.