to conduct research, write about, and present on a health care career of interest
To demonstrate the steps required to pursue this career: how to apply to your preferred program, prerequisites, and how to use Webadvisor.
Describe how and why you chose this career, as well as your values and goals.
To describe the time management and study skills required to achieve this goal.
To project one’s own strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential roadblocks
To graduate from this course with a better understanding of a health care career path.
To share your findings with your peers, thereby promoting a better understanding for others
By the end of week 2, you should have decided on the health care career path you want to pursue and started a reflection journal. Through the assignments, you will learn more about yourself and your career choice each week.

The following issues will be addressed in the paper:

The practice area
The required level of education
license prerequisites
This career’s practice standards and ethical code
Self-Expression and Self-Awareness
What did you discover about this profession that you didn’t know before?
What are your perceived strengths and potential roadblocks that need to be overcome?
Do you face external challenges such as family, work, finances, or a lack of time?
Reread your journal and discuss your AHA moments and insights from this course.
What are some of the success strategies you plan to adopt or are already employing that have proven to be effective for you?
How do your values and goals mesh with this job?
How do you handle stress?
If this is the career path you want to take, do you have the time, commitment, and support to make it happen? Please elaborate.
What are your plans for the future?
How do you apply to the program, and what prerequisites do you need to take?
Do you have a long-term plan that includes relocating? If so, have you considered where?
The paper must be written in APA format and be 3-4 pages long, including a cover page and reference page. All non-your-own phrases of words must be cited and referenced, including page number for direct

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