Write an APA essay that is fully developed and detailed, addressing each of the following points/questions. There is no word count requirement; however, make sure to thoroughly answer all of the questions for each question. Separate each section of your paper with a clear heading that lets your professor know which bullet you’re addressing in that section. Cite at least one (1) source to back up your points in your essay. For the essay, make sure to cite using the APA writing style. It is necessary to include a cover page and a reference page. Examine the assignment’s rubric criteria.

Conduct a literature search to identify and critically appraise a quantitative research study related to the problem identified in Module 1. Respond to the following overview questions for quantitative study critical appraisal:

Is this a case study, a case control study, a cohort study, a randomized control trial, or a systematic review?
In terms of reliability and bias risk, where does the study fall in the evidence hierarchy?
Why was the research conducted? (Explain the problem and its purpose.)
Were the study’s steps clearly defined?
How big was the sample?
Are the major variable measurements reliable and valid? Explain.
What methods were used to analyze the data?
Were there any unusual occurrences during the course of the study?
How do the findings compare to previous research in the field? (This may be reflected in the review of literature.)
What does this study imply for clinical practice?
In addition, make sure to include the rapid appraisal questions for the quantitative study’s specific research design. These are covered in Chapter 5 of the textbook (Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt, 2015).

This critical appraisal should be written in full sentences (rather than a numbered list) in APA format.

Provide an APA-formatted reference for the article as well as a copy of the article.

Expectations for the assignment:

Length: Answer all questions clearly and completely; include a copy of the article.
Include an APA-formatted title page and reference page. An introduction and a conclusion are required for your essay.
References: For all resources used to answer the questions, use appropriate APA style in-text citations and references. This assignment requires a minimum of one (1) scholarly source for the article.
This assignment is graded using a rubric. Please go over it as part of your assignment preparation and again before submitting it to ensure you have addressed all of its criteria to the best of your ability.
Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or.docx) or as a PDF file (.pdf)