What do you mean by culture (in your own words)?
What are the 5-6 cultures of which you are a part?
In your daily life, how are these cultures manifested (seen/applied)?
Disorders of the Gene
Determine the causes of two genetic disorders and how each one develops.
Identify 5-6 symptoms for EACH disorder.
Determine three treatment interventions for EACH disorder.
History and investigation
What role does politics play in “history” and “research”?
Resources of Natural Origin
How do natural resources (such as water, clean air, and fresh vegetables) affect child development from birth to five years old? Consider parents, parenting, breastfeeding, physical development, attachment theory, and so on.
How do most children learn in their early childhood?
What are the most favorable conditions based on trust vs. mistrust (Erickson) and attachment? (Bowlby)
Characteristics of Development
What are the physical, linguistic, and social characteristics of a five-year-old?
How do they differ from a four-year-old?
Why would they require these specific characteristics in order to be successful in a school in the United States?
Why would they require these specific qualities to be successful in a rural area of a third-world country?
Video of a Day in the Life
Which scene from the video that we watched on the first day of class stood out to you the most? Why?
What types of developmental factors were present?
How does nursing affect a child’s brain development and attachment?
Groups of Support
What effects do social interactions and support groups have on parenting, parental decision-making, and childhood development (particularly language and social development)?
Stereotypes of Gender
What changes occur in gender-stereotyped beliefs and gender identity during the middle childhood years?